Carbon Sequestration

Monitoring, Reporting, and Verification of Carbon Sequestration

Leverage a scalable and accurate methodology for the measurement of carbon sequestration through the use of satellite imagery and machine learning technologies.

Kumi Analytics Carbon Sequestration Assessment Tool (KACSAT)

Establish a baseline for any reforestation project, measure state change of forests over time to determine changes in biomass and carbon sequestration rates.

Impact funds, carbon traders, environmental initiatives

  • Leverage a state-of-the-art methodology to measure and monitor the impact of nature based solutions.

Financial companies

  • Develop unique financial investments with a low cost scalable solution that provides a higher level of transparency and more frequent reporting for your investors

KACSAT Reporting

Through the use of machine learning models and accurate assessments of changes in biomass, you can get a better understanding of the success of your nature based solution. In addition, through the initial baseline coupled with in-situ field observations, you can quickly identify the areas that are most in need for replanting activities.
  • Understand changes in biomass with level of confidence reporting.
  • Integrate ground measurements to improve overall performance of the project.
  • Enable large scale projects with consistent accuracy across the entire region.

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