Gain a novel and deeper understanding of mining activities and production levels through the use of satellite imagery and machine learning.

In-Situ Mine Activity Detection

Detect mine activity and create alerts when mines are shuttered or transitioning back to full operations. We identify mine activity and vertical changes from satellite imagery within days of new operations starting or major production changes.

Hedge funds, commodity traders, fundamental traders

  • Get early trading signals on activities of individual mining companies and predict trends in mineral pricing.

Mine companies

  • Gain insight into competing mines through awareness of their operational capabilities

In-Situ Mine Production Analysis

Through the use of machine learning models and highly accurate assessments of vertical changes, you can get an edge on which operator is the most productive. In addition, through the integration of assay data (both current and historical) yield estimates are provided based on actual in-situ field observations.
  • Understand production levels as they are occuring.
  • Integrate assay results to determine future sales of product