Helping people and businesses better understand the world around them.

We deliver location based intelligence and establish new connections between data scientists, data providers, and customers.

Regional Economic Analysis

Gain insight into national and regional economic performance.

Oil And Gas

Get ahead of the market with near real time updates on supply side activity.


Gain insights into the agricultural market with early and continuous assessments.

Carbon Sequestration

Enable science based reporting, monitoring, and verification of carbon sequestration rates for reforestation and conservation projects..


Leverage the power of geo based artificial intelligence to have a better and cleaner world.


Regional Economic Monitoring

Globe Signals

Kumi Analytics provides insights on growth metrics for regional economies and identifies how countries are performing months in…

Oil And Gas

In-Situ Oil and Gas Well Life Cycle Monitoring

Detect and monitor well development starting from early pad construction to a fully operational well. Kumi Analytics utilizes…

Oil And Gas

In-Situ High Consequence Area Monitoring

High consequence area (HCA) monitoring is a critical safety requirement for oil and gas utilities transmission pipelines…


In-Situ Crop Area Mapping

Establish an edge in the financial markets through superior market intelligence. Kumi Analytics identifies crop types…

Carbon Sequestration

KACSAT Reporting

Kumi Analytics provides monitoring, reporting, and verification of nature based carbon offset projects


In-Situ Coral Reef Monitoring

Detect coral reef bleaching and destruction. Kumi Analytics is able to identify coral reef bleaching and reef…