Kumi Analytics

The world is continuously changing. Kumi Analytics tracks physical world changes by integrating satellite imagery with machine learning technology to provide accurate assessments of the environment.

Our Product Philosophy

Data Driven
The world is driven by data. Through the use of objective data analysis, we can achieve our goals of protecting natural environments and helping people and businesses avoid climate risk.
Focusing Where It Counts
At Kumi Analytics, we believe it is critical that we improve and protect the environment while understanding the risks associated with climate change. Nature-based solutions are the most effective way to protect our planet from rapid deforestation.
Leveraging Technology to Improve the World
Through the use of satellite imagery and deep learning for monitoring, verification, and reporting of reforestation activities, we are creating the most robust solution to have a lasting positive impact on the planet.

Our Values

Kumi Analytics' mission is to help people and businesses better understand the world around them. Following are our company values which guide our actions in the marketplace and how we interact with our customers, partners, and each other.


Everything we do will be based on integrity. Integrity in our dealings will allow us to make decisions on the best course of actions. We are honest, open, ethical, and fair. People trust us to adhere to our word.

Dedication to Quality

Everything we do will strive to provide the best quality product, service, and experience with whomever we interact.

Spirit of Innovation

There are always opportunities to innovate and we will not be stuck based on how things have always been done.

Good Citizenship

Working with communities and giving back enables us to connect with others in meaningful ways.


Leverage collective genius to achieve things that don’t seem possible.

Work life balance

It is critical that our team can enjoy life, maintain balance, and realize the benefits of being part of this company and a family or network of friends. With balance we can achieve dedication from our employees and appreciation of our business goals and corporate culture.

Move fast

Opportunities move fast and we must move forward quickly to be successful. We will work to do things fast and be aggressive in our schedules while being respectful and aware of our dedication to quality.

Respect for the Individual

We celebrate individual achievements, while maintaining the value of collaboration. All individuals are unique and shall be celebrated for their uniqueness.

Our clients and partners