Property Insights

Leverage this tool to inform lenders on a practical basis as well as on key environmental information.
designed to help lenders

Property Insights

Property insights is designed to help lenders improve the accuracy and speed of decision making across mortgage underwriting, equity loans, and overall assessment of risk.

Property insights is a tool that not only informs lenders on a practical basis, but also provides more accurate and detailed property data in seconds and allows for key environmental information to be discovered.

Now you can be fully informed about a property of interest on topics such as solar power potential, non permeable surface area, and exposure to environmental risks such as wildfires, hurricanes, and other natural hazards that have increased due to climatic changes.

We help you to Identify

Solar Power Potential
Identify the potential of a property to leverage solar panels to offset high carbon energy alternatives.
Non Permeable Surface Area
Understand the risk of flooding on any given property based on the presence of non-permeable surfaces.
Environmental Exposure Risks
Property Insights can identify the risk of wildfire exposure, storm surge, flooding, and other natural hazards.

Now with a single platform,
you have access to

Detailed property information
Over 130 attributes on the property including roof features, nearby vegetation, parcel data, and much much more.
Visual inspection
Get the latest aerial images from all four directions and top down.
Nearby features
Distance to coastline, brushfire zones, major roads, petrol stations, waste facilities and more.