Our integrated model enables measurements for both reforestation and conservation projects.
Carbon Sequestration Assessment Tool

Forest Areas

Reforestation and conserving the world’s forests is critical in storing the excess carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

Now with KACSAT organizations are

Monitoring forest areas around the world
Increasing impact by better understanding where reforestation is most needed

By acting according to the data and information provided by Kumi, we and our clients can make sure that we are

Conserving forests globally to create tangible change.
Protecting vulnerable species and ecosystems.
Conducting reforestation projects where they are most needed.
Working together for a better world

By enabling reforestation and
conservation projects
, together we

Store Carbon dioxide
Through the planting of new trees to preventing deforestation, CO2 in the atmosphere is absorbed and overall emissions are reduced.
Protect Habitats
We are protecting biodiverse habitats for thousands of species that rely on forests to build and sustain their lives.
Generate Opportunities
Creating jobs for people who maintain, plant, and help restore forests and develop communities that are sustainable.